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My relationship with food hasn't always been where it is today. I grew up on a typical American diet, but my perception shifted in my adolescence. My mom discovered that the epicenter of her migraines was due to allergies to wheat, sugar, and dairy. I was exposed to this connection between food, mood, and wellness that I hadn't known before. It sparked a lifelong passion to explore this link.

I spent years toying with my diet, following macrobiotics, ayurveda, practicing vegetarianism and veganism. But the truth for me is not wrapped neatly into any one style of eating. There is much more to it than that. And, many more factors to consider. Today, I eat a wide variety of foods, all unprocessed, organic, as local as possible, and mostly plant based. I am continually working on my own health, embracing its evolution, growth and change.

Now, I am passionate about all things seasonal, local, homemade, authentic, and quality ingredient-driven. A little obsessed, perhaps, but when in doubt, you'll find me in the kitchen experimenting + testing recipes or researching. I believe that how we nourish ourselves - including mindfulness, attitude, & gratitude - has a huge impact on our well being and outlook on the world. When we eat pure, whole, and mostly plant-based ingredients, we experience clarity, focus, and strength; we are able to be our true selves and can show up in the world authentically. 

I am certified in Nutrition from Bauman College, have a background in macrobiotic philosophy, and am a RYT certified yoga teacher. 

- Rachael Gorjestani