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Founder & Head Chef


Our mission is to positively impact the wellbeing and healing of others through cooking, food, and nutrition while also changing preconceived notions and beliefs about what healthy eating is all about.  A healthy diet with The Cupboard is full of flavor, texture, and variety!  We pride ourselves on providing wholesome and nutrient driven meals that support our clients' health, wellbeing, and happiness.  

The Cupboard has a team of thoughtful and passionate holistic chefs and nutritionists. 


about THE FOUNDEr, Rachael

healthy meal delivery san francisco personal chef

My relationship with food hasn't always been where it is today. I grew up on a typical American diet, but my perception shifted in my adolescence. My mom discovered that the epicenter of her migraines was due to allergies to wheat, sugar, and dairy. I was exposed to this connection between food, mood, and wellness that I hadn't known before. It sparked a lifelong passion to explore this link.

I spent years toying with my diet, following macrobiotics, ayurveda, practicing vegetarianism and veganism. But the truth for me is not wrapped neatly into any one style of eating. There is much more to it than that. And, many more factors to consider. Today, I eat a wide variety of foods, all unprocessed, organic, as local as possible, and mostly plant based. I am continually working on my own health, embracing its evolution, growth and change.

I am a certified nutritionist, trained holistic chef, student of herbalism, and am an RYT certified yoga teacher. 

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m running my second business, Goldmine, a wellness brand created in response to the stress of modern culture - we're on a bold mission to bring adaptogens to the masses by removing it out of the niche supplement sector, and placing it where it belongs — into mainstream culture and our favorite daily routines.. You can check out Goldmine on Eater SF, Good Eggs, Free People, and around San Francisco in shops like Earthen, Scarlet Sage, and Rainbow Grocery.

- Rachael Gorjestani


Sous Chef, Rachel Wright

As a holistic chef | herbalist | nutritionist | yoga teacher, I love to create menus and food for our clients that are supportive and nourishing for our bodies. My journey with food started when I was in high school and learning how to work with my own autoimmune issues. I tried many different diets and finally ended up incorporating them all in to whole foods mostly plant based lifestyle.

I have a degree from Bastyr University in Nutrition and Culinary Arts and have completed several certificates and courses from California School of Herbal Studies, Herbal Academy, and Maryland University of Integrative Health.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me with me on the beach with my dogs Rue and Lyla!