Coffee Cake {Gluten & dairy free}

This coffee cake is outa-this-world delicious. You definitely want some friends around to help you eat it, ahem, so you don't have a cake to your face if you know what I mean. It's indulgent and a little sweeter than most things I would normally make. But dang, it's good. It's sweetened with coconut sugar, maple syrup, and a banana. The banana comes out in a subtle way which compliments the coffee nicely. And, of course, it pairs with a cup of coffee quite well.

Speaking of coffee, I've used locally roasted coffee here in San Francisco by Bedfellows. Deliciously roasted beans which you can purchase or subscribe to monthly!

The preparation may seem long and daunting, but I've given instructions for using both a spring cake mold and a bundt cake. The cake comes together rather quickly, and the longest time is just waiting for it to cook and cool.

Read the full recipe here!