Salmon with Caraway & Thyme

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Spring is in full swing and if you’ve visited a farmer’s market or stop by your local grocery store recently, you’ll be sure to see an abundance of vegetables. The winter root vegetable season is over (squashed out, anyone?) and we’ve started to enjoy spring’s harvest of strawberries, peas, sprouts, asparagus, artichokes and more. Spring meals are quintessentially lighter and fresher.

This recipe is a quick and simple one - Baked salmon with english peas sautéed in ghee and shallots. Takes less 30 minutes, so no excuses there! And, it saves well for lunch the next day. There’s definitely endless ways to jazz it up; add mint, carrots, asparagus, or any other favorite vegetable or herb. It pairs nicely with a light soup or a whole grain salad.

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It is well known that salmon is filled with powerful nutrients that help keep us healthy. It’s high in omega 3 fatty acids which is a potent antioxidant, is highly anti-inflammatory, helps to protect and optimize cell function, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, makes up about 20% of our brain fat (which is 60% fat as a whole), is anti-cancerous… and the list goes on. Salmon is also a great source of B12, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin B3, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and iodine. All these nutrients play a vital role in our over health, mood, and cognition.

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