Brand work

Brand Work - Recipe Development

Horchata Ice Cream. Personal Chef Nutritionist Tiger Nut.jpg

I work with brands to develop recipes highlighting their products. These recipes live on company blogs and used for social.

I develop recipes that are seasonally informed, whole ingredient driven, leaning towards dairy, gluten, and refined sugar free.

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Savory Buckwheat Granola Recipe _ 1.jpg
Absinthe Ganache Recipe-7.jpg
Coconut Dream Fudge with Cookie Crust Recipe-11.jpg
Tiger nut ice cream horchata. The Cupboard. photography
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Savory Buckwheat Granola_ 5.jpg
Caesar Inspired dressing.The Cupboard. Other brother olive oiljpg
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe-3.jpg
Absinthe Coconut Butter Cups Recipe. Endorfin Foods Chocolate. The Cupboard-11.jpg
Hot chocolate healthy recipe. adaptogens. the cupboard. goldmine
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